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Born : August 30th 1948, in Brittany
Nationality : French



" French Baccalauréat (equivalent to A-Levels) in Arts " Degree in Languages


1984: Leaves Paris with his wife to settle down in Brittany. Decides to follow his passion and makes painting his profession.
His first creations, totally transparent in the beginning, gain colours over time. Those colours vary according to light intensity.
He then studies square circles (on canvas) and reaches a culminating point with the exhibition called "Janus" in December 2000, in Paris.
2000: Presents his work to a larger public by participating in three important exhibitions: one in Brittany and two in Paris.
For the past 24 years, he has been exhibiting and selling his paintings at his own workshop gallery. People from France and abroad come to admire or buy them by word of mouth.
As a musician, He also offers his gallery visitors improvised symphonies, which he plays on a synthesizer.
With each painting, a symphony of approximately 12 minutes, created and played by the Artist (and recorded on CD), is offered.

His whole work celebrates the wedding of invisible and visible, light and material, sky and earth. His work is above all a hymn to liberty.


2001 : Sao Paulo - Shanghai 2005 : Turin
2002 : Hong Kong - Berlin - Moscow 2006 : Libramont (Belgium)
2003 : Sitges - Barcelona - St Petersburg - Geneva (ONU) 2007 : Bratislava
2004 : Seoul - Montreal 2009 : Paris : Galerie Everarts 1er Prix - New York : Jain Marunouchi Gal Montserrat Contemporary Art Gal PERMANENT EXHIBITION